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Electrical and Information Engineering

Information Engineering

ABE TakashiProfessorDETAILS
AOTO TakahitoProfessor
Computer Science
Term Rewriting, Automated Theorem Proving, Foundations of Software
HAGIWARA TakeshiAssistant Professor
IIDA YusukeAssociate Professor
Astroinformatics, Image engineering
Developement of data analysis technique in astronomy, Solar dynamo
IMAMURA TakashiAssociate Professor
Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Mechanism Design
Measurement and modeling for human behavior, Assistance device for mobility, Tele-control and VR applications, Educational Technology
ISHII NozomuAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Bioelectromagnetic engineering, Antenna Engineering, Electromagnetic Wave Engineering
Antenna Measurements in Lossy Medium, Underwater Electromagnetic Field Applications
KANNO MasaakiAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Control System Design Using Algebric Approaches
Symbolic-numeric Hybrid algolithms
Probability theory
Probability theory related to statistical physics
NAKANO KeisukeProfessorDETAILS
Network Engineering, Mobile Communications
Delay tolerant networks, Information floating, Mobile multi-hop networks, Performance evaluation of network systems
OHKAWA MasashiProfessorDETAILS
Optical Electronics and Photonics, Sensors
Development of integrated optic pressure sensors and accelerometers
SAKO HirokiAssociate Professor
Mathematics (Functional Analysis)
Operator Algebras, Non-commutative Probability, Metric Geometry
SATO RyoichiProfessorDETAILS
Organic Electronics & Photonics
TAKAHASHI TakeshiAssociate Professor
Algebraic Geometry
Explicit Studies on Automorphism Groups of Algebraic Function Fields
TAKAHASHI ToshihikoAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Combinatorial Algorithms
Graph Algorithms, VLSI Design Automation
UENO KatsuhiroAssociate Professor
Programming Languages
Compiler Construction, Programming Language Theory, Functional Languages
YAMADA HiroyoshiProfessorDETAILS
Array signal processing, Radar, Microwave Remote Sensing
Indoor Human Location Estimation, Automobile Radar, SAR
YAMAMOTO MasakazuAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Partial differential equations
Well-posedness and large-time behavior of solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations
Information and Communication Engineering
Life Support ICT
YU JunAssistant Professor
Intelligent Informatics
Evolutionary Computation, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence