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Tuition Exemption and Payment Deferral


Application fee 30,000 (yen)
Admission fee 282,000 (yen)
Tuition per year 535,800 (yen)

Tuition and Fee Waivers for International Students

International students meeting certain academic standards who are facing financial difficulties may apply for an exemption of all or half tuition and admission fees. Fee waivers are awarded based on demonstrated academic ability and financial need of the students.


There are a variety of scholarships available for international students needing financial assistance. Below is a list of the many types of scholarships,

Niigata University Scholarships

Privately Funded International Student Scholarships offered by Niigata University

Other Scholarships

Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “MEXT”) Scholarships, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarships, Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship, Privately Financed Foreign Students Scholarship (Niigata International Association), JGC-S SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION, etc./