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Environmental Science and Technology

Environmental Science for Agriculture and Forestry

ABE HarueAssociate Professor
AODA TadaoAssistant Professor
Environmental Soil Physics
Studies on the Soil Physical Properties to Improve Food Production and to Preserve Environment
Agricultural and environmental engineering
Development of agricultural machinery based on environmental conservation and labor saving technology
INABA KazunariAssociate Professor
Aguricultural Engineering
Mechanism for generation of landslides
KAHO ToshikazuAssociate Professor
KAJIMOTO TakuyaProfessor
Forest ecology, Silviculture
Tree growth,Regeneration process, Forest management
KOJI ShinsakuAssociate Professor
Insect ecology
Population and community ecology in agroecosystems.
MIGUCHI HideoProfessor
Silviculture, Forest Ecology, Conservation Ecology
Plant-animal interaction and network study for forest ecosystem management
MIYAZU SusumuAssistant Professor
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering,Hydrology
Study on sustainable agricultural water use method.
MURAKAMI TakuhikoAssociate Professor
Remote Sensing, Forest Mensuration, Landscape Ecology
Forest remote sensing. Broad scale ecological study using geospatial information.
OHASHI ShintarohAssociate Professor
SAITO YoshitoAssistant Professor
Agricultural and environmental/information engineering
Non-destructive quality evaluation of agricultural products and food by optical methods for smart agriculture
SAKATA YasuyoAssociate Professor
Rural Planning, Agricultural Engineering
Social groups in rural areas
SUZUKI TetsuyaProfessor
WHITAKER Andrew CharlesAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Forest Hydrology, Water Resources
Influence of climate change on snowpack and runoff in forested regions.
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Agricultural Engineering