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Yuya KANETA, Ph.D. BrainPad Inc.
Yuya KANETA, Ph.D.
Fundamental Sciences

I started the Niigata University life in 2009, and I got my Ph.D. in 2018. I majored in elementary particle physics in the Graduate School of Science and Technology. My life at the university was very fruitful.
 Researchers have to clarify the phenomenon which is nobody knows around the world at the front line of researches in any fields. On this point, finding out critical issues is very significant. I took a long time to select research subjects. Discussing with my collaborators helped me to deepen my thought. It was an irreplaceable time for me and I recognized the value of discussing.
 Now I work in a company which aims to solve the problem that the client has by analyzing big data. Especially, I work in R&D to put theory into practice. In fact, in my department, a doctoral degree holders account for 20%. Because the field of R&D department is developing day by day, it is important to have the ability of catch-up, finding out the problem and discussing. Skills and knowledge that I learned during my doctoral course are helpful to work in this field.
 I am sure that the Niigata University is a great environment to learn these skills. Please get the opportunity at the Graduate School of Science and Technology. I hope your days will be fruitful in the Niigata University.

Junichi SOTODATE, M.S.Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation
Junichi SOTODATE, M.S.
Advanced Materials Science and Technology
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

I have been working at the Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation for 12 years after the completion of master’s program at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Niigata University in 2008. Ever since entering the company, I have been belonging to a department which is to implement entire pharmaceutical or chemical plants construction from cost estimating, constructing, trial operating to handover to clients, and I manage the whole projects as a project manager now. It is very enjoyable and fulfilling to go through the process of construction that includes design drawing to meet needs and concepts of a client within limited cost and time, coordinating various specialists and summarizing their designs, and building plants from the design in cooperation with construction companies. Also, it is very gladful when the trial operation proved accuracy of our design concepts and systems, by contrast, it is depressing when any errors occurred.
 My research was to study effects of sonication on methane fermentation that is one of the method for volume reduction of sewage sludge disposal. It was the first study to handle methane fermentation at the laboratory, so I had carefully discussed with academic advisers, a research collaboration company and junior students to carry out the research. It took about three weeks to run a single experiment, so I had focused on how we increase the number of samples for sufficient comparison, and to examine objectives and conditions in advance to develop experiment strategies.
 This flow of clarifying objectives, examining in advance and developing strategies for achievements, and implementing, is very important for a member of society, epically for plant engineers, and a great help for me to take daily operation.
 When I think back days at the graduate school, it was very valuable opportunity to conduct research with settled environment and fixed study theme for two years.