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Electrical and Information Engineering

Human Sciences and Assistive Technology

GO AkiraProfessor
Three-dimensional Modeling, Sculpture Expression, Environmental Art
HASHIMOTO ManabuAssociate Professor
HAYASHI TomohikoAssistant Professor
Biophysics、Molecular biomechanism
Computer aided drug design、Statistical thermodynamics of molecular recognition、Three-dimentional morphological evaluation of osteochondral tissues
HORI JunichiProfessorDETAILS
Biomedical Engineering, Assistive Technology
Human Brain Mapping, Restoration of Biosignals and Images,Brain Machine Interface
IIJIMA AtsuhikoProfessor
IWAKI MamoruAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Speech and human audio information processing, Digital signal processing
Modeling of human audio system, Development and application of instantaneous frequency analysis method
MAEDA YoshinobuProfessorDETAILS
Biological Cybernetics, Assistive Technology, Complex System Engineering
Visual Search Modeling, Lampshade Design for Mindfulness, Investigation of School Bullying Using Computer Simulation
MURAYAMA ToshioAssociate Professor
NAKAMURA YukaAssistant Professor
SAKAMOTO MakotoProfessor (Faculty of Medicine)
Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanics
Biomechanics of Tissues and Joints
SHIMIZU KensakuProfessor
TANAHASHI ShigehitoAssistant Professor
Vision Science, Psychophysics
Interaction between visual and other sensory organs on motion perception, Effects of visual information on human body
TANAKA KojiProfessor
USHIYAMA YukihikoProfessor (Faculty of Education)
Sports Biomechanics
Interpretation of Physical Activity during Sports Exercise
Assistive technology, Support of visually impaired people, Tactile information processing, Human interface
Usability of eyes-free touch interface, tactile map, perception of 2D and 3D objects, Utilization of 3D printers.