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Fundamental Sciences


CHUMAN YoshiroAssociate Professor
Biological Chemistry, Drug Discovery
Development of inhibitors and molecular tools for disease-related proteins
FURUKAWA KoAssociate Professor
Physical Chemistry, Magnetic Resonance
Exploring novel function and clarifying mechanism for functional materials by magnetic resonance
GOTO Shin-ichiAssociate Professor
Nuclear chemistry
Nuclear fission mechanism Chemical properties of transactinide elements
Organic Photochemistry Electron Transfer Chemistry
Electron transfer reactions of organic compounds Organic free radical reactions
IKOMA TadaakiProfessorDETAILS
Experimental Physcial Chemistry
Dynamic spin effect on photoconduction in organic semicondoctors
IWAMOTO HajimeAssociate Professor
Structural Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry
Synthesis and functionalization of topological molecules (catenanes and rotaxanes)
Physical Chemistry on Condensed Matter
Structure of liquid chalcogenides, Microclusters of metal chalcogenides,Neutron scattering measurements on high temperature liquids, Development of data analysis method for X-ray small angle scattering using an imaging plate.
MATANO YoshihiroProfessorDETAILS
Organic Element Chemistry
Study on organic molecules containing typical elements
MIURA TomoakiAssistant Professor
Organic Physical Chemistry, Photochemistry
Photoreactions and electron spin effects in molecular assemblies
OHTORI NorikazuProfessorDETAILS
Physical Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Molten Salt Chemistry
Structure and Transport Properties in Liquids and Glasses
SATOH KeiichiAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Analytical Chemistry Coordination Chemistry
Separation and determination of artificila chelate agents with various metal ions.
TAYAMA EijiAssociate Professor
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Rearrangement and elimination of carbanion species
UMEBAYASHI YasuhiroProfessor
Solution Chemistry,Analytical Chemistry,Electrochemistry
Exploring Reaction Fields with Environmental Suitability and Nano-scale Condensed Matter Science