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Environmental Science and Technology

Natural Environmental Science

FUJIMURA KojiAssistant Professor
Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Genome Biology
Evolution of fish morphologies and genomes
HAYASHI YasukoAssociate Professor
Cell ultrastructure and functions, Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
Organelle evolution, ultrastructure and functions in plant cells. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution in green algae.
IGARASHI SatoshiAssociate Professor
coordination chemistry
Syntheses, structures and properties of Lanthanide complexes
KUDO KazuyukiAssociate Professor
MATSUOKA ShiroProfessor
Analytical Chemistry
Specific determination of trace metal ions in natural waters
MIYAZAKI KatsumiProfessor
Invertebrate Biology, Comparative morhology and embryology
Research on the taxonomic, phylogenetic and morhological diversity in invertebrates.
SHIGA TakashiAssociate Professor
Plant Systematics, Conservation biology
Systematics and taxonomy of aquatic plants, Conservation study of endangered plants
SHIMONISHI TakashiAssociate Professor
SOEJIMA KouichiProfessor
Atomic and Molecular physics, SR Science
Study of Electron correlation using elliptically polarized lights, Destruction of atmospheric pollution gases using multiply charged ions
USUI SatoshiAssociate Professor
Physical Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry
Mechanistic Investigation of Photoinduced Carbocation Formation, Physicochemical Science