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Environmental Science and Technology

Architecture and Civil Engineering

ABE KazuhisaProfessor
Applied Mechanics, Computational Mechanics
Statics and dynamics of railway track, Numerical methods
ARINAMI YukiAssistant Professor
Environmental Engineering in Architecture
Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Environment, Energy Conservation
BODA SatoshiAssociate Professor
Architectural Design and Planning
spatial characteristic and system in traditional house, system between architectural design and behavior, theory of architectural design and planning
HASHIDA RyoheiAssistant Professor
Architectural Planning, Residential Area Planning, Housing
Architecture and Urban Planning for Housing
HOSAKA YoshinoriAssistant Professor
Geotechnical Engineering
Liquefaction risk evaluation of wide area based on geotechnical information database
KANAZAWA Shin-ichiAssociate Professor
Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Environmental Engineering
KORO KazuhiroProfessor
Applied Mechanics, Computational Mechanics
Mechanics of ballasted track, Dynamics of wheel-track system, stochastic FEM/BEM
KURONO HiroyasuAssociate Professor
Architectual planning, Rural planning and design
Analysis of dwelling systems in traditional Japanese villages from the viewpoint of transition
MATSUI DaisukeAssociate Professor
Urban Planning, Urban Design
Urban Conservation System, Urban regeneration, Tourism Planning in Historic District
NAKAMURA RyotaAssociate Professor
NAKAMURA TakayaProfessor
Stractual Engineering
Seismic performance of Reinforce Concrete buildings
OSHIMA TakuyaAssociate ProfessorLAB
Urban and architectural environmental engineering
Urban and environmental acoustics, computational acoustics
OKAZAKI AtsuyukiProfessorLAB
Urban Planning, Urban Design, Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Planning, Townscape Control, Public Participation, Consensus Building
SAEKI TatsuhikoProfessor
Concrete Engineering
Durability of Concrete
SAITOH TsuyoshiAssociate Professor
Cement Chemistry, Concrete Engineering
Material design of high-durability Concrete and Evalusion of Concrete durability
TERANISHI MasakiAssistant Professor
TERAO HitoshiAssociate Professor
Urban Planning Law, Housing Law
Comparative Study on Urban Regeneration between Japan and France