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Environmental Science and Technology

Natural Disaster and Environmental Science

Geology, Sedimentology, Geomorphology, Volcanology, Natural Hazard Science
1.Lahars and volcanic hazards
2.History of volcanic eruptions and lahars
3.Volcano-snow interactions at snow-clad volcanoes
4.Volcanic edifice collapses and associated volcanic mass flows
Glaciology, Natural Disaster Science
Study on preventive measures against disasters brought about by snow avalanche, slushflow and heavy snowmelt
NIIYA HirofumiAssociated Professor
Nonlinear Dynamics, Geophysics, Glaciology
Dynamics and predictions of geohazards generated by interactions between solid particles and fluid
NISHII RyokoAssociated Professor
Landslides and geomorphological change in mountain areas
TAMURA KeikoProfessor (Risk Management Office)
Disaster Resilience, Social welfare and social work studies
1.Participatory Approach
2.People with vulnerability
3.Training progrum on life-recovery process
URABE AtsushiProfessor
Geology, Natural hazard Science
Prediction and reductionof the grandgeological hazard of the alluvial plain
WATANABE NaokiAssociate Professor
Engineering Geology, Applied Geochemistry, Hydrogeology
Hydrogeology and water-rock interaction in landslides
YASUDA HiroyasuAssociate Professor