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Life and Food Sciences

Applied Life and Food Sciences

Asiloglu Muhammet RasitAssistant ProfessorLAB
Microbial Prey-Predator Interaction, Plant-Microbe Interaction, Protist Ecology & Function
BEPPU ShigeruVisiting Professor
Food processing technology
Disaster Food
Animal Nutrition, Meat Science
Dietary control of muscular glutamate metabolism. Regulation of meat taste by amino acids, and analysis of its metabolic mechanism. Food and meat quality.
HARA TakashiAssociate Professor
Food Functionality, Cell Regulatory Technology
Bioregulatory effect of inositol phosphates, Cellular biology of basophils and mast cells
Environmental Soil Science
Soil microbial ecology, Biodegradation and bioredediation, and Dynamics of radiocesium in arable land
HIRATA DaiProfessorLAB
Yeast Genetics/Molecular Cell Biology/Zymurgy for Healthy Aging/Sakeology
Studies on Healthy Aging and Sake Brewing using the Yeast
ITOH KimikoProfessorDETAILS
Plant Molecular Biology, Applied Glycoscience
Study of molecular mechanisms of stress response in rice, Development of rice producing starch with novel structure and physicochemical properties.
JOH ToshioProfessor
Food Science
Increase of taste and functional components in food materials
KITAOKA MotomitsuProfessor
Food Technology, Enzymology
Practical enzymatic production of oligosaccharides.
MAROUANE BASLAMResearch Assistant Professor
Plant Biochemistry, Plant physiology, Plant Molecular Biology
Plant responses to environmental signals, Sustainable Agriculture, Molecular mechanisms in plant metabolism, crop improvement, Next-generation crop engineering, Plant-microorganism interactions, Biofertilizers, Global research.
MIKAME KeigoAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Wood chemistry
Separation and utilization woody biomass components
MITSUI ToshiakiProfessorDETAILS
Plant Biochemistry
Regulatory mechanism of starch metabolism in rice
MOTONAGA YoshitakaAssociate Professor
Food Control using Agricultural Land
Designing of sloped Agricultural Land
NAKAI HiroyukiAssociate Professor
Production development of functional carbohydrate
Horticulture・Plant Breeding
Propagation and breeding of horticultural plants by biotechnology
NISHIUMI TadayukiProfessor
Meat Science, Food Science
Structure and functional properties of animal foods. High-pressure bioscience and food science.
OHTAKE NorikuniProfessorDETAILS
SATO TsutomuProfessorDETAILS
Bioorganic chemistry
Studies on biosynthesis of terpenenoid
SHIMAMOTO SakiAssistant Professor
Nutritional Biochemistry
Studies on molecular mechanisms that regulate the skeletal muscle mass.
SUEYOSHI KuniProfessor
Plant Nutrition, Plant Physiology
Studies on the regulation of nitrogen uptake and assimilation in higher plant
SUGIMOTO HayukiAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Applied Microbiology, Protein Science
Studies on the structural stability and folding of microbial proteins, Development of a novel calorimetric method for analyzing microbial activities
SUZUKI KazushiProfessorDETAILS
Applied Microbiology, Molecular Microbiology
Regulation of gene expression in bacteria, Mechanism of chitin degradation and utilization by bacteria, Regulation of biofilm formation
TSUTSUURA SatomiAssociate Professor
UEDA DaijiroAssistant Professor
YAMAGUCHI TomokoAssociate Professor
Cookery Science
Food nutrition and functionality in cooking process