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Environmental Science and Technology

Field Research in the Environmental Sciences

GONDA YutakaProfessor
Erosion Control Engineering / Forestry
Evaluation of the risk of occurrence of lahar / Analysis of characteristics of landslides / Development of Resistivity Fish Counter for small fish
HOMMA KosukeAssociate Professor
forest ecology, conservation biology
Meteorology, Climate Dynamics
Atmospheric circulation, Mechanism of extreme weather, Cryosphere and Climate variability
ISHIZAKI SatomiAssistant Professor
Plant ecology
Evolution of plant defense strategies against herbivory
MORIGUCHI YoshinariAssociate Professor
Forest genetics, Tree breeding
Forest management and tree breeding on genetic data, Molecular breeding of male sterile-trees in Cryptomeria japonica
NAGANO HirohikoAssistant ProfessorLAB
Environmental Science for Terrestrial Ecosystems
Evaluation of the relationship between greenhouse gas-oriented dynamics and environmental changes in terrestrial ecosystems.
NAGATA HisashiProfessor
Animal Ecology, Conservation Biology
Studies on the conservation and re-introduction biology for endangered birds
NAKATA MakotoProfessor
Forest Environment Science
Influence of environmental change and pollution on forest ecosystems
NARAMA ChiyukiProfessor
NOGUCHI RinaAssistant Professor
Planetary geology, Volcanology, Planetary volcanology
Volcanoes and their related geology on terrestrial bodies
NORISUYE KazuhiroAssociate ProffessorDETAILS
Marine Geochemistry ,Analytical Chemistry
Study on Trace Elements and Their Isotopes in the Ocean
SEKIJIMA TsuneoProfessor
Animal Ecology
Evolution of hibernation in mammals, Conservation of endangered species
SHIBATA ReiAssistant Professor
Forest Ecology, Ecosystem Services
Sustainable forest ecosystem management. Forest regeneration. Evaluation of ecosystem services.
TOYODA MitsuyoAssociate Professor
Environmental Philosophy, Public Participation
Design of collaboration and decision making processes for building sustainable communities