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International Student

Q1. Please tell us about your current research at the Graduate School.
Q2. What is your career goal?
Q3. Message to prospective students of the Graduate School, Niigata University.

Doctoral Program
Life and Food Sciences
Applied Life and Food Sciences

A1. Our Biorganic Chemistry laboratory research interests aim at understanding biosynthesis of diverse natural products. I am studying natural product biosynthesis in bacteria at the chemical, enzymatic, and genetic level. My main research focus is the bacterial terpene biosynthesis and genome-based methods of target novel product discovery. Terpenes represent the largest class of natural products with a big range of structures and functions. They have significant commercial applications in different fields: used as perfume ingredients, pharmaceuticals and in addition as a source of biofuel. As we continue to study, it is highly likely the applications and potentials of terpenes will be further explored.

A2. I enjoy the freedom of science research in an academic environment of Niigata University. After I complete my Doctoral degree in Biochemistry I would like to be academic researcher or to secure a future career as an academic lecturer, because I do not aim for a career path away from science. Anyway, as a major biochemist relates to more industries, I do not mind to find lab work in the company. The pharmaceutical industry seemed an ideal fit.

A3. "My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be" (Dr. Wayne Dyer). In Niigata university you have access to different equipment, interesting lecturers and the most up to date information available. The blend of theory and practice allow to explore research deeply. Through intensive science courses, seminars and experimentation, you are able to gain key skills as problem solvers, critical thinking. Also you have a great opportunity to make friends all over the world. You will be transformed into a new person from the time you entered university to the time you walk across the stage at your graduation ceremony in few years. Enjoy your academic journey!

Doctoral Program
Environmental Science and Technology
Earth Science

A1. My current research topic in Graduate School of Science and Technology is Comparison and understanding of structural geology in Archean and Paleogene collision zone based on evidence from Chitradurga schist belt, Dharwar craton, India and Hiroo Complex, Hokkaido, Japan respectively. Our study is based on detailed field and microscopic observation of rock samples along with their geochemical and isotopic observations to examine the geological and tectonic history of the study area.

A2. In my career, I would like to be part of a scientific community carrying out serious researches in Earth sciences. Through that, I can myself learn more about the topic and be part of an academic society. In future also, I would like to be a part of the process of scientific and cultural exchange between India and Japan.

A3. Graduate School of Science and Technology will provide a perfect ambiance for both, scientific and personal life to carry out your academic adventure. You will also have many opportunities to interact with native and foreign students and be a part of cultural exchange. Set your goal, come here and enjoy your journey.

Current Students

Q1. Please tell us about your current research at the Graduate School.
Q2. What is your career goal?

Doctral Program
Fundamental Sciences

A1. My research is the development of semiconductor radiation detector using conductive polymers in collaboration with a company. The semiconductor detector is a radiation detector which has high energy resolution, and it is absolutely essential and widely applied to various fields such as physics, radiology and atomic energy. However, the crystal structure of radiation detector causes inflexibility and expensively. To resolve these problems, our research group focused on conductive polymers which has great flexibility and inexpensive. This research is collaboration with a company, so I cannot explain details of the research. I am very motivated because there is no previous study on this topic. In these days, the performance of our developed detector has improved compared to the beginning, and we keep challenging for better performance and its productization.

A2. My career goal is to be a researcher to conduct research and development in medical and engineering industries by applying my expertise field, physics. Also, challenging to the unknown by generating unique and fresh ideas, and introduce my discoveries and development to contribute to the society.

Hayato KUMAZAWAMaster’s Program
Electrical and Information Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A1. I am conducting research on wireless communication systems incorporating energy harvesting (EH) technology. Energy harvesting is a technology by which energy is captured from surrounding sources such as solar light, wind energy, radio waves, etc. This enables energy supply without charging or replacing batteries. In the future, we can connect any kind of things to the network anywhere and anytime by incorporating radio frequency EH (RF-EH) technology that acquires energy from radio waves from surrounding wireless communication terminals. Currently, I’m studying system and communication structure of wireless relay transmission system equipped with RF-EH function, and evaluating performance of those systems by computer simulation.

A2. My aim as an engineer is to have the capability to understand the structure of systems that constructs the world by analyzing and disassembling the system. Also, I would like to play a role of rebuilding the decomposed technical elements and updating them to a new system for the next generation.