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Fundamental Sciences

Mathematical Science

FUSHIKI TadayoshiAssociate Professor
Statistical Science
Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Asymptotic Theory, Resampling Methods
HARIMA TadahitoProfessor
Commutative Ring Theory
Research on Lefchetz properties of Gorenstein algebras
HIRUKAWA JunichiAssociate Professor
Time series analysis, Mathematical statistics, Financial engineering, Wavelet
Theory and application of statistical asymptotic inference for non-stationary time series
HOSHI AkinariProfessor
Number theory, Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
Rationality problem for fields of invariants
KAKIMIZU OsamuProfessor (Faculty of Education)
Algebraic Geometry
Classification of open algebraic varieties
Numerical Analysis
Partial differential equation, numerical analysis, finite element method, computer-assited proof
MIURA TakeshiProfessor
Functional Analysis
Preserver problems on Banach algebras
OHWA HirokiAssociate Professor
Partial Differential Equations
Hyperbolic partial differential equations and conservation laws
OI ShihoAssistant Professor
Functional Analysis
Preserver problems
ORITA RyumaAssistant Professor
Topology, Symplectic Topology
Detecting periodic orbits in Hamiltonian Dynamics and applications of Morse Theory
Convex Analysis, Optimization Theory, Operations Research
Analytical study on vector optimization and set optimization
WATANABE KeiichiProfessor
Functional analysis
Non-commutative integration associated with von Neumann algebras, Structure theory of non-normal operators on Hilbert
YAMADA SyuujiProfessor
Global Optimization, Operations Research
Stdies on Sccessive Approximation Methods for Global Optimization Problems