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Life and Food Sciences

Agriculture and Bioresources

FUKAI EigoAssociate Professor
Plant Breeding
Genetic diversity and plant breeding, Genome dynamics
FURUZAWA ShinichiAssistant Professor
Agricultural Economics, Development Economics
Social Business, Governance of Common-pool Resources and Economic Development
HAN Dong-shengAssociate Professor
Horticultural Science
Haploid production using anther (microspore) culture and its applications in breeding of Lilium spp.
HIMI MakotoAssistant Professor
Agricultural Economics
Analysis of Agricultural Structure and Rural Labor Market
HIRAIZUMI KoichiAssociate Professor
Agricultural Economics, Farm Management
Evaluation of land reform project, Structure of the productive force of rice crop, and Application of information technology to agriculture
ITANO ShiroAssociate Professor
ITO RyoujiAssistant Professor
Agriculture Economics, Development Economics
Research on the issues of agriculture, food and environment in the process of economic development
KOJIMA KiyohideProfessorDETAILS
Horticulture and Plant Physiology
Plant hormones analysis by LC-MS and their transports, and polyphenol analysis in horticultural plants (fruit, trees, etc.).
MINATO NamiAssistant Professor
Plant pathology
Interactions between virus-host plant-vector insect.
NAGAHASHI ToruAssistant Professor
Sociology of education
Career education, Social collaboration
NAKAMURA FumiAssistant Professor
OKAMOTO SatoruAssistant Professor
Crop physiology, Plant molecular biology
Organ-to-organ long-distance communication in plants.
Plant Breeding
Genetics and breeding of tulips, lilies and cruciferous crops
OTANI MasahiroAssistant Professor
Horticultural Science, Plant Cell Engineering
Breeding of horticultural plants via genetic transformation, Analysis of molecular mechanism of horticultural traits in plants.
SANO YoshitakaAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
SUGIYAMA ToshieProfessor
Animal Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
Animal Calcium Metabolism and Bone Function
YAMADA TakahisaProfessor
YAMASAKI MasanoriProfessor
Crop Science and Plant Genetics and Breeding
Agronomy, Genetics and Breeding in Rice
YAMASHIRO HideakiAssociate Professor
Animal Reproduction
Gametes and fertilization biology, assisted fertilization and biotechnology
YOSHIDA ChikakoAssistant ProfessorDETAILS