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Life Sciences

ANDO HironoriProfessorLAB DETAILS
Reproductive Endocrinology,Neuroendocrinology
Neuroendocrine control of lunar-synchronized spawning rhythm, Adaptation biology of marine animals
IIDA MidoriAssociate ProfessorLAB
Aquatic Biology
Ecology of migratory fish, Dispersal and retention mechanism of aquatic organisms.
ITO KosukeAssociate ProfessorLAB
Structural Biology, Molecular Biology
Structural and functional studies of biological molecules involved in gene expression.
IWASAKI ToshisukeAssociate Professor
Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology
Control of plant functions by nucleocytoplasmic trafficking of proteins
IZUTSU YumiProfessor
Developmental Biology, Immunology
Molecular mechanisms of animal tissue remodeling and roles of immune cells in apoptosis of amphibian larval cells.
KATO AkiraAssociate Professor
Plant Physiology, Plant Molecular Biology
Biogenesis and functions of plant peroxisomes
MAENO MitsuguProfessorDETAILS
Developmental Biology
Molecular Mechanisms of Axis Formation in Amphibian Embryo/ Origin and Differentiation of Hemopoietic Cells in Amphibian Embryo.
NATSUKA ShunjiProfessor
Biochemistry, Glycobiology
Structure and function of glycoconjugates
Molecular Cell Biology
Organelle dynamics during reproduction
OMORI AkihitoAssistant ProfessorLAB
Evolutionary developmental biology, natural history
Evolutionary developmental biology and natural history of echinoderms
SAKAI TatsuyaProfessorDETAILS
SUGIMOTO KenkichiAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Experimental Hematology, Cell Biology
1) Regulation mechanism of self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cell
2) Regulation mechanism of blood vessel formation
3) Regulation mechanism of hibernation
TASAKI EisukeAssistant Professor
Molecular Biology, Entomology
Molecular mechanisms of longevity and aging, Molecular mechanisms of long longevity and high fecundity in termite reproductives
TOUMA MakiAssociate Professor
Molecular and cellular mechanisms in immune cell differentiation and function