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Fundamental Sciences


AKATSU MitsuhiroAssistant Professor
Solid State Physics (Experiment)
Ultrasonic experiments under extreme environments in strongly correlated electron systems
ASAKA TakehikoProfessor
Phenomenology of particle physics and cosmology
Neutrino Physic, Dark Matter, Baryogenesis, and Cosmic Inflation
EJIRI ShinjiAssociate Professor
Theoretical Particle Physics
Lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) at high temperature and high density
HAYASAKA KiyoshiProfessor
Experimental Particle Physics
Flavor Physics, Development of the distributed computing system for the particle experiment
HIROSE YusukeAssistant ProfessorLAB
Solid State Physics (Experiment)
Single crystal growth technique and physical properties measurement in strongly correlated system
HONGO MasaruAssistant Professor
Particle and Nuclear Physics (Theory)
Theoretical study on many-body systems using effective field theory
ISHIKAWA FumihiroAssociate Professor
Relativistic Astrophysics, Numerical Relativity, Coalescing Binary Neutron Stars ang Gravitational Waves
ITOH KatsumiProfessor
Theoretical Particle Physics
Exact Renormalization Group
IZUMIKAWA TakujiAssociate Professor
KOIKE YujiProfessor
Theoretical Particle and Nuclear Physics
Understanding of high-energy hadronic reactions and hadron structure in terms of Quantum Chromodynamics
KOYAMA ShokoAssistant Professor
Observational Astrophysics, Radio Astronomy
Study of Active Galactic Nuclei Jets and Black Hole Shadow with VLBI
MATSUO MasayukiProfessorDETAILS
Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Correlations and excitations of unstable nuclei, structure of rotating warm nuclei
NAKANO HiroakiAssociate ProfessorDETAILS
Elementary Particle Physics (Theory)
Supersymmetric unified theory of elementary particles
NEMOTO YuichiAssociate Professor
Solid State Physics (Experiment)
Solid State Physics using ultrasonic experiment in strongly correrated electron systems
NISHI RyoichiAssociate Professor
Solid State Physics (Experiment)
Formation of the first cosmological objects, Evolution of galaxies,Formation of stars
OHMURA AyakoAssociate Professor
Solid State Physics (Experiment)
Study of transport and structural properties in pressure-induced phenomena.
OHTSUBO TakashiAssociate Professor
Nuclear Physics(Experiment)
Study of Nuclear structure with radioactive isotope beam
OKUNISHI KouichiAssociate Professor
Statistical Physics
Low-dimensional quantum systems, density matrix renormalization group,quantum spin systems
ONO YoshiakiProfessor
Condensed Matter Physics (Theory)
Theory of strongly correlated electron systems (High temperature superconductivity, Heavy fermion systems)
SASAMOTO RyutaProfessor
Department of Radiological Technology
Research on the accuracy of radiation therapy
SATO YutaroAssistant ProfessorLAB
Particle Physics (Experiment)
Flavor Physics, Muon Experiment
SETTAI RikioProfessorLAB
Solid State of Physics (Experiments)
Single crystal growth and the study of electronic, magnetic and superconducting properties in strongly correlated electron systems
TOSA SachikoProfessorLAB
Physics (Science) Education
International comparative study of science education, Active learning pedagogy
UTSUNOMIYA SatoruAssociate Professor
WATANABE KazuyaAssistant Professor
Astrophysics and Relativity
Gravitational lens effects in theories of gravity
YOSHIMORI AkiraProfessor
Statistical Physics (Theory)
Chemical physics (Liquid, Solution)
YUSA YousukeAssistant Professor