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Student Support

Student Support


International (DDP) students who are admitted under the DDP agreement may be appointed to Teaching Assistants (TA) and Research Assistant (RA). Through these opportunities, they will assist international educational researches together with other graduate students of Niigata University and accumulate research experience at international level, fostering their research-accomplishment ability as young researchers. TA and RA positions are also given in terms of providing financial support to DDP students.


International students who participate in the Double Degree Program are eligible to use apartment housings that Niigata University is leasing.

*Rent: 22,000 yen/month (Students are charged for utilities.)
Furnished: Bed, mattress and blankets, desk, TV, refrigerator, washer, microwave

Admission Fee and Tuition

DDP students shall pay examination, admission, tuition and other fees to the home institution for the duration of their studies and shall be exempted from them at Niigata University. They, however, are required to subscribe health insurance and other insurance plans that Niigata University recommends.