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Double Degree Program

Niigata University offers an international education program with institutions that the Graduate School of Science and Technology has concluded the double degree program agreement. Participating students of the program are matriculated at both Niigata University and the partner institution and able to obtain the double-degree, receiving a separate degree from each university or institution.

Double Degree Program at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Niigata University

Standard Policies
1. Status of Participating Students
Each exchange student is entitled to be recognized as a regular student at both Niigata University and the partner institution.
2. Duration of Study at Host Institution
In general, each exchange period shall be one academic year. (Doctoral students, however, may be approved for an extension of study up to one additional year).
3. Academic Advising
Both home and host institutions shall assign academic advisors to each exchange student, and they are expected to work collaboratively to provide academic guidance and advising to the student.
4. Requirements for Awarding Degree
Participating students in the double degree program are expected to follow the rules and regulations of both institutions.
5. Dissertation
Participating students are expected to submit different dissertations (in English) to Niigata University and the partner institution and are given an independent degree from each institution.
6. Acceptance of Transfer Credits
Credits earned from other graduate schools may be accepted as equivalent to the courses offered by Niigata University upon evaluation. (There are limitations to the number of transferrable credits).
7. Admission Fee and Tuition
Students shall pay tuition, admission, and registration fees to the home institution for the duration of study and shall be exempted from them at the host institution.
8. Admission and Completion Periods
Participating students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of both institutions. Niigata University offers two admission (April and October) and two completion (March and September) periods each year.
9. Entrance Examination
Graduate students who wish to participate in the double degree program at Niigata University or the partner institutions shall apply for the selection procedure at the host institution. The selection period shall be determined by the institution.

Plan of Study for the Year at Niigata University

*In premise, participating DDP students are expected to earn the required number of credits within one academic year.
*Requirements for Completion of Degree differ from each major program and area of specialization.

Category Course Note
Major Program PhD-Course Project Research I (Required, 4 credits)
Course Work (Required, 2 credits)
Presentation of Research Progress Report (Required, 1 credit)
Courses offered within the area of Specialization (Elective, 4 credits) Choose two courses
Transfer Credits (8 credits) Accepted upon evaluation
Subtotal At least 19 credits
DDP Courses Research Camp Choose two from the list
Global Meeting
Research Internship
Joint Lectures
Subtotal At least 4 credits
Total Minimum of 23 credits required

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