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Global Meeting

Global Meeting is a program offered specifically for DDP students that they give presentations on their research achievements at international conferences, academic societies, research groups, and so on. This program helps students develop the ability to present their own research results in English effectively and by appropriate means. Additionally, not only they will acquire skills to answer questions on their own research but also will be trained to involve themselves in discussions on the research results of others based on objective and logical ideas. Furthermore, the pre- and post- orientations are provided by their own academic advisors.

Through these activities, students will acquire a researcher-oriented outlook as well as the skills to discuss matters in a logical manner.

*For more details, please check the syllabus.)

Achievements (DDP students only)

Year Number of Participants
2010 3
2011 2
2012 4
2013 8
2014 2
2015 1
2016 4
2017 3
2018 1
2019 1
2020 N/A