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Student Voice 1

Double Degree Program (DDP) Student Report

DDP Participant: Mr. Y. K.
Major at Niigata University: Electrical and Information Engineering
Area of Specialization at Niigata University: Information Engineering
Dispatching Institution: Hanyang University (Korea)

What was the most valuable experience you gained while participating in the DDP at Niigata University?

The most valuable experience I gained was that I made a global relationship in exchanging research methods and knowledge during the DDP. Especially, it was really a great experience to make a collaborative research result based on the cooperation of two universities.

How was the research environment at Niigata University?

The research environment at Niigata University was good for focusing on the research. Depending on the laboratory, there were very special experimental rooms and equipment to conduct research. In my case, I could use additional computer servers to perform computer simulations, and I used to join the regular seminars. In addition, the faculty staffs were very dedicated and professional to support professors and students so that they could concentrate on their research.

How was the collaboration with Japanese professors and students?

Japanese professors and students gave me kind and helpful supports. Especially, professors have passions to discuss research topics with students, and they are pleased to give guides to students. I hope that students enjoy the life of being in the laboratory and the research work with their colleagues.

What were the good aspects of the DDP at Niigata University?

One good aspect of the DDP was that participating students could learn about research methods used at Niigata University. Of course, the collaboration and exchange of research was the great experience. Another good aspect was to make a good relationship with many professors and students in Niigata and in Japan.

What is the biggest difference in Ph.D. program between Hanyang University and Niigata University?

It is same that students at both universities try to solve the root problems of their research topic. However, there are some differences in finding out and motivating research items between two universities. The biggest difference between Hanyang University and Niigata University is the way to initiate and finalize the research topic. Ph.D. students at Hanyang University usually read and analyze the early works and find out the problems and motivations. After that, they solve the problems as the realizable application examples. On the other hand, Ph.D. students at Niigata University usually focus on their own thought (theory) to address the problems of the research topic.

What should be improved?

Collaboration of laboratories between two universities (Niigata University and Hanyang University) needs to be engaged in early stage before students go to the partner university. Even if the research topic of two laboratories is similar, it is difficult to have research results in short duration without pre-works (discussion, research method, etc) for the collaboration of the research.

What is your current situation?

I have been working for Samsung Electronics as a senior engineer since May, 2012, after I received a Ph.D. degree from Niigata University in March, 2012. I belong to the Department of System LSI (Large Scale Integration) to explore a business for mobile security on the cellular phone using Secure Elements such as Smart Card, Secure Memory, and NFC (Near Field Communication) chip.

Other comments

I have great memories in Japan throughout the DDP program. Thank you all for the support. If there is another chance to continue the relationship between two universities, I'd like to give any help to the DDP program.