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Yudai IBE, M.S.
Electrical and Information Engineering
Information Engineering

After completing the master’s degree course at Niigata University in 2014, I joined KDDI Corporation, which is a telecommunications company in Japan, and this is my third year with the company. I have been assigned to Information Systems Division, designing and building our intra-cloud platforms. Specifically, I am building platforms that support IT systems used in au shops and call centers throughout Japan. My daily work involves examining system structures with IT vendors and building systems at Data Centers.
My master’s research work entails waiting time for charging electric vehicles while traveling. I conducted simulations of electric vehicles including running and charging behaviors and also carried out theoretical analysis of waiting time for charging by employing queueing theory. In the graduate studies, I went through repeatedly a series of steps - setting research objectives, carrying out research, discussing research with an advising professor and colleagues, and identifying new issues.
This cycle of research process involves critical thinking that becomes essential in a real world situation when faced with various challenges. Learning this through my graduate work has been a big help in terms of conducting my current job. To continue your study in graduate school for the in-depth understanding of your research area, I believe, means that not only obtaining the knowledge and information of your field but also acquiring the essential way of thinking that are required in a real world.

Takuya HASEGAWA, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Takuya HASEGAWA, Ph.D.
Advanced Materials Science and Technology
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

I started the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Science and Technology in Oct. 2014, and then I received my Ph. D in Sep. 2016 by qualifying a one-year reduction. My research field is Inorganic Material Chemistry. Presently, I am working for the Department of Marine Resource Science at Kochi University as an Assistant Professor, and my current research entails the study of functional materials in the seabed metal resources for their use and application.
I have been studying luminescence materials used for white-LEDs and fluorescent lamps. In the doctoral program, I investigated their luminescent properties both experimentally and theoretically by applying and developing the knowledge of inorganic synthesis chemistry that I had learned in the master’s program. In order to acquire a deeper knowledge of optics, I examined literatures and tried the experiments all by myself. Therefore, I believe that it is important to try everything by oneself in the course of doctoral studies in order to become a qualified researcher. On the other hand, it is also necessary to cooperate with surrounding people to obtain a Ph. D. In-depth discussion with my advising professor enhanced the quality of my study, and the discussion among students in a weekly research meeting was exciting for me. Furthermore, my active participation in offering advisement to junior colleagues has led not only to enhance each others’ research quality but also to improve my teaching ability. I strongly believe that this wonderful environment at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Niigata University has helped develop my current career in educational research.
I sincerely hope that you will also shine by learning a lot by yourself and communicating well with surrounding helpful people.